V. Carr Takes the Helm at IDRA

Noted Interior Design Cognoscente, V. Carr, Takes Her Post as Managing Director of The Interior Design Resource Agency

V. Carr, president and CEO of VIC Interiors, Inc., a nationally positioned interior design firm with a retail sales division brings almost 15 years of experience in the interior design industry to The Interior Design Resource Agency.  As managing director of IDRA, Mrs. Carr plans to execute her vision of bringing new and existing designers much needed resources, expert advice and corporate image development via IDRA.

"Our goal is to cut the learning curve for the designers that come to us. The information that I and other designers had to scratch, claw and dig for in this industry will be made available to designers who come to The Agency. They've got questions and we've got answers. Not only is it my mission to help designers build businesses, it is my great pleasure."

Mrs. Carr began her professional career in interior design nearly fifteen years ago. In 2004, she founded VIC Interiors, Inc. and worked as principal designer as well as president and chief executive officer, of the corporation. The firm built a confidential client list to include noted individuals and companies throughout the U.S and around the world.

As head of Carr Protocol Consultants International, an international protocol intelligence and corporate etiquette consultancy, V. Carr worked in conjunction with VIC Interiors, Inc. to bring complete corporate image development to their clients.

“Our commercial clients want spaces that reflect their overall mission. We work to offer carefully crafted, and cohesive identity packages through comprehensive design concepts.” stated Carr. “We work from the curb to conference room, floor to ceiling, down to the stationary and envelopes. While we’re in, our clients realize that protocol intelligence and corporate etiquette are as much a part of their identity as their business cards. They usually recognize the need and invite us to send in consultants to train their teams. This is also a service that we will bring to members of The Agency.”

When asked how she intended to manage her duties to The Agency, Mrs. Carr confidently replied, “I’ve done what I advise our designers to do. I'm surrounding myself with a very capable team. Additionally, I've had to narrow my focus intensely. I manage my time as if it were gold and employ every possible moment and making it work for me. I've cut back on what is not aligned with my purpose and my goals. There's a time and season for everything and this is a time for laser-like, pinpoint focus. That is how I intend to work."

IDRA: The Interior Design Resource Agency, offers designers interior design resources such as contracts and forms, advertising, marketing, public relations, accounting, client relations, organizational structure advice in addition to news and information pertinent to the interior design industry. IDRA gives them the tools needed to brand themselves and their businesses effectively. Additionally IDRA works to empower designers throughout the world. Get more information at http://www.idratheagency.com/

For more information on VIC Interiors, Inc., please visit http://www.vicinteriors.com .
To learn more about Carr Protocol Consultants, International visit http://www.carrprotocol.com .


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