Planning Your Marketing Campaign for the Entire Year

If you want your marketing campaign to be successful, do not just think one project at a time. In order for you to be effective, plan your marketing campaign for the entire year, not just when you have a need for it. Expert marketers and advertisers would tell you that just like the seasons, your marketing campaign can gain publicity if you establish it according to the natural highs and lows of the year. Using a promotional rhythm that is based on the different seasons will help you keep an eye on your success every month for the whole year.

According to expert marketers and commercial color printing companies, there are two approaches of doing your marketing campaign for the whole year. One is to coincide the stories you already have with that of the particular times of the year. The media has a certain appetite for stories for each of the season. During particular times of the year, they look forward to specific stories that they would want to put in their magazines, newspapers, or even in their tv and radio programs. As a marketer and business owner, you need to be attuned with these quirks to be able to get your stories out there in the public.

The second strategy is to create new stories that will fit that of the particular event, affair, holidays and even seasonal events during the year. For example, if it is Christmas, your ad would be more effective if you can create your stories along the lines of the birth of Christ or the usual giving of gifts.

But before you go out and get your stories written, be sure to consider the proper lead time to get your stories out to the media and the public. It would be very easy to just go ahead and work on your story without even thinking about your lead time. The folly of that is that it can take you weeks and months to actually complete your story. That is why you need to understand the time frame of every story. Your Thanksgiving story should be turned in mid August if you want to meet the deadline. And it is the same with your Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year stories.

The bottom line is to have ample time to write your story and get them out way before the season or event is actually going to be celebrated. The right lead time can get you the exposure you need to promote your business effectively to your clients and prospects.

By Kaye Marks
Photography by Bobby Flowers

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in the color business cards and print business cards industry. Order business cards online with



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