Interior Design Branding QuickTip #1101

Interior Design Branding QuickTip #1101

Branding can take hundreds of different forms, but the best way to approach it is to think of your business as a separate entity with a personality of its own. The first step is to establish what kind of personality your business has, based on your industry, your strategies and your target market. A big part of branding is often evaluating where you'd like your target market to be, and striving towards cultivating that kind of image. Branding is primarily about relationship management with the consumer, so things like exposure (things like custom packaging that will have customers remembering you), reputation management (dealing professionally and swiftly with consumer complaints so that you build a trustworthy reputation) and market analysis and response (identifying growth areas or things you could improve upon and acting on this intel) all contribute to building your business's brand, and with it, your success.                                                         

By Peter A Philips


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