6 Tips to Turn Networking Into Publicity

Luck & PR Follows Non-Stop Networking - 6 Public Relations Tips
Here are 6 quick tips to help you get lucky from your non-stop networking and possibly lead you to some fantastic press releases or public relations opportunities:

1. Position yourself as an expert.
Define your line of expertise. The combination of a clear definition and experience plus taking the time to identify your skills equals a credible authority. This equation gives you substance.

2. Clarify how you describe your product and services.
Describe your work succinctly and distinctly so that your contacts remember your specialty. Avoid focus on what you have done (which is retrospective) or on what you could do (which is hypothetical); this language is forgettable. Focus on how you help others. Use benefit rich content and outcomes to describe your business.

3. Create a timely press release.
Tie what you do to what is topical. Relay your story to your network in terms of what is happening now. The fact that I was 'downsized' and am now 'loving it' became newsworthy as the unemployment rate climbed. Swim against the current to get noticed.

4. Develop strong relationships and foster connections.
Take the time not just to meet with others but to learn how you can help them. Assist in connecting people who can potentially benefit from a meeting. Trust the fact that when the opportunity presents itself, they will pass your name along, too.

5. Participate in a few carefully chosen committees.
Contribute your time to meet outside organizational goals that align with your business goals. Each project that you engage is an opportunity to meet others, highlight your skills and build new relationships.
(Speaking of fostering relationships... I have just returned from having lunch with an amazing, creative client attraction marketer, Meredith Liepelt, owner of Rich Life Marketing and I asked her for a PR tip. - She provided fantastic methodology for enhancing public relations.) Meredith adds:

6. Publicize your Publicity.
Let others know about the publicity you received and leverage each exposure.
All of these recent PR opportunities are a result of reaching out, getting involved in organizations, developing new relationships, strengthening old ones, and staying committed to building and valuing my network. So remember, "Luck follows non-stop networking!"

By Barb Girson 
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