IDRA Software Feature: Design Manager

Design Manager Pro 7 is the right solution for you if your company has...

• A fiscal year end other than December 31st
• Stock Inventory
• A need for up to 64 users
• Free Trial now
• Pro 7.0 Tutorial to see the software in action
• Online version
• Training
• Live Backup Service
• Credit card processing

•Automatic Color-Coded Status lets you know the status of each Item with just a quick glance.

•Place a Task or Reminder on an individual Item now and synchronize this with your Microsoft Outlook Tasks so you remain organized wherever you go.

•Easily add pictures to your Items to print out on Proposals.

•Break an Item down into Components with prices, markups or discounts.

•Always know the status of an Item with the Color-Coded Status tab that appears on your Specifications Window but also on your Item Window and all appropriate reports.

•Scheduling of the design team's activities and the work that needs to be completed on the project is a crucial element of Project Management. Lucky for you, Design Manager has made this simple by allowing you to create your Project Schedules in minutes.

•Professional, Color-Coded Timelines with a few clicks.

•Create professional Proposals to wow your clients simply by checking off which Items you would like to appear on the Proposal.

•You can print-to-screen to look at the Proposal before you Accept or Reject it.

• Purchase Orders can be created and then batch emailed or faxed at the end of the day, so large firms can work efficiently and save hours of time.

•Rolodex® and Microsoft Word™Templates

•Keep track of all Vendors, Clients and Miscellaneous Contacts with our Rolodex® that can be sychronized with your Microsoft Outlook™ Contacts.

•With the push of a button create Microsoft Word™ Templates, such as Professional Letters and Fax Cover Sheets, that automatically fill in the contact's information.

•Pull up the correct Project and check off the Items that have the Color-Coded status of: Needs to be Invoiced.

•Cash Receipts

•Once the client sends in payment for the invoice, recording the payment is easy with the Cash Receipts Window.

•This window is the same window to record Deposits or Retainers on a Project, so you will already know where to go!

•Pay Vendor Deposits, Invoices, and Operating Expenses.

•Print Company Checks.

•Reconcile Checkbook and Credit Cards.

•Keep track of an unlimited amount of Items with pictures.

•Transfer Items from Inventory to an individual Project or sell them right away from the Point of Sale screen.

•Run a complete store front operation with our step-by-step Point of Sale system.

•Contact us for appropriate hardware to accompany your Point of Sale system such as a Scanner, Bar Code and Receipt Printer, a Cash Drawer, and more.

•Always know the bottom line by printing out your Financial Statements with just a few clicks of the mouse.

•Report Categories include: Project Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Inventory, Time Billing, Glossary Listings and Mailing Labels and Envelopes.

•Report Favorites folder for frequently used reports
•Enter many common types of returns, refunds and credits to clients or from vendors all from one easy-to-use screen.
•User Names and Passwords can be added so multiple people have access to the software simultaneously.

•Design Manager Pro 7 can have up to 64 users.

•The Administrator has Security settings that can be set for each user; such as, allowing or blocking access to different parts of the software.


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