10 Client Feedback Questions to Help Better Your Design Services

Top Ten Client Feedback Questions     

Here is a list of 10 questions you could use to get client feedback. Select a few that suit your situation. The key is to ask the question and then allow the client uninterrupted time to answer. Your job is to just listen!

1. What was the greatest benefit you derived from my service?

This question helps you to understand what is working. Sometimes you will be surprised by the answer.

2. What would you like to see more of when you work with me?

For our session the panelists told us some counselors introduced themselves by telling about their business background during the sessions while others did not. The clients said they wanted to hear the qualifications of the counselors who were working with them. Are you forgetting to be consistent when delivering your product or service to your clients?

3. How could I improve my service? 

Clients often have ideas that are easy to implement but somehow you haven't thought of.

4. Is there anything you would like to see me stop doing?

This question gives the client the opportunity to tell you about something that isn't useful to him or her.

5. Is there anything you didn't get from my service that you were looking for?

Here is an opportunity for the client to tell you other services that you might provide. If you are looking for ways to expand your offering this question is important. In

6. Has my staff treated you with care, attention, and courteousness?

This would be an important question for a service provider with an administrative staff to ask. Clients don't always complain about their experience with your staff but might share something significant when asked.

7. Is there an issue that I have not spent enough time on for you? 

Sometimes clients allow you to move forward but are still thinking about a previous issue. This kind of question helps them to revisit areas they may have not understood and still have an unanswered question.

8. Am I doing what you want me to do? 

Most of the time we are doing what we think the client wants. It is good to check once in a while to find out if you are actually doing what the client wants.

9. Where have we been less than proactive in addressing your concerns? 

It may be that the client is expecting you to move into different areas that you think are being covered by other vendors or staff members. "Being proactive" may have a broader definition to the client than you are using. Asking this question might uncover new business.

10. Is our billing clear? Are you getting value for your money?

The bill is often a source of anxiety for the client. He/she needs to know exactly what he/she is being billed for. Does your bill show that? This final value question is critical to insuring your client is satisfied with your product or service.

By Alvah Parker
Photography by Franz Pfluegl

Alvah Parker is a Practice Advisor (The Attorneys' Coach) and a Career Changers' Coach as well as publisher of Parker's Points, an email tip list and Road to Success, an ezine. Subscribe now to these free monthly publications at her website http://www.asparker.com/samples.html



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