5 Tips to Land a Good Interior Design Internship

5 Tips to Land a Good Interior Design Internship

Your internship is that critical part that bridges your educational training and actual job experiences. Landing a good one, or any spot at least, can be challenging especially with the limited spots and many competing graduates. To help you, here are a few tips that will put you a step above the rest.
Practice and More Practice

For every project that you do in design school, you need to think that it will soon become a reference to land an internship position. With that in mind, you need to heighten creativity and push yourself to do exceptionally and learn as much as you can especially around the guidance of good and experienced staff. Practice starts in your own home or you can also put your best forward in every design assignment given. Familiarize and learn more about color and texture combinations, proportions and designs.
Impressive Portfolio

Being in a field that is distinguished by creativity, your portfolio should display exactly that to your employers. Ensure that it is well arranged, complete and thorough. It should also be streamlined to any specific field you are interested in. For instance if your focus is on commercial interior designing then your projects and designs should be for that field. Make it relevant and unique, something that will surely grab an employer's attention. Remember, interior design employers prefer an 11"x17" size in a portrait layout, and try to keep it uniformed all throughout.

Another way to help you land a good internship is good connections. It pays to know the right people, or those who know the big fishes in your industry. Landing a project or an internship is all about connections, good ones at least. You may join associations who are connected to firms that help graduates land a job, or you could start to in searching for schools that trains and prepares you resulting to a more extensive portfolio that will impress your internship employers.
Good Resume

A good resume is a prelude to what you are able to give an employer. To make a good impression, make it clear, concise, easily readable, and extensive. Be creative and make it sound promising without sounding too commercial.
Market Yourself

Employers would usually look for a candidate who is outgoing, has good communication skills, and can well convey ideas through explanation. Aside from your excellent design ideas, a good percent of convincing a client is on how you say and market your interior design ideas. Enhance that skill for the gab to convince employers that you do have a potential to sell your craft in an impressive light.

Landing a good internship starts with the training and quality of education that you have. They must prepare you to have a good compilation of works that best prepares you for competitive markets. At Raffles Education Corporation, we provide you a current design curriculum, extensive training and veteran teachers, preparing you to be globally competitive. You can visit our site today at http://www.raffles-iao.com for a free consultation.

By Donald Pang
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