6 Ways to Advertise Your Design Firm for FREE

Ways to Advertise Your Business for Free

Looking for some great ways to advertise your design business for free? I have listed the best ones below. Keep reading.

It is very important that people know about your products and services if you want your business to succeed. To ensure that people know about it, you have to run advertising campaigns. Advertising campaigns tell people about your product and service and they also convince them to buy it. The crucial point to remember while creating an advertisement is that it should attract the attention of your target customers. Getting attention will lead to better sales which will give you a better market share. There are numerous advertising techniques which you can use like internet advertising, writing email, TV and newspaper advertising, etc. While most ways to advertise will cost you a lot, there are certain ways to advertise for free. In this article, I have listed such ways to advertise your design business for free. There are a mix of ways to advertise online as well as offline.


Top Ways to Advertise Your Business for Free


1. Social Networking

I don't think I will have to emphasize the huge rise in popularity of social networking. Facebook alone has more than 500 million active users. So you can imagine the exposure you will get by just having a profile on Facebook. It's the same story with Twitter. You can tweet or post an update on Facebook about all your new product launches, design jobs and events taking place at your company. Another very important advantage of social networking websites is that you can get direct feedback from your clientrs. You can also get to know what people think about a certain products or services that you are about to launch. This is currently the best free advertising technique.

2. Attend Events

It will be much better if you could organize events yourself. But since you are looking up ways to advertise your business for free, I assume that you are on a tight budget. But you can attend events organized by other people in your field. Events like conferences, exhibitions etc are constantly being held by companies. Just attend them, make contacts, talk to other companies like you and you will get lots of free publicity.


3. Put Up Ads in Free Classifieds

There are many free classifieds sites on the web. Craigslist is one of the best free classifieds website. You can post the information regarding your products and services on Craigslist for free. There are many users of this site so you are bound to get some response. If you want a different site that will yield similar results, just Google it and tons of options will come up. This is one of the best free advertising techniques around.


4. Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is a kind of direct marketing that utilizes email as a means of communicating commercial messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, each mail sent to a potential or current client, could be considered e-mail marketing. This is another good free advertising idea. Just craft a short but informative email and send it out to your mailing list. You can build a mailing list by requesting people, visiting your website, to subscribe to your updates via email.

5. Get Current Clients to Refer You

If your service is good and pricing reasonable in the mind of current clients, they will refer you. Focus on offering an excellent service, give your business cards to all your customers and request them to refer you to other people if they have liked working with you. This is called word of mouth publicity and is the best kind of advertising you can hope for.


6. Give Away Free Stuff

Special offers, freebies, discounts and sales! People are nuts for them! Initially you will have to adjust your pricing a bit and suffer marginal losses but eventually you will end up selling more products which will compensate for your losses and, more importantly, give you lots of publicity.

 You should remember that it's also very important that you offer quality products and services to your customers for better prospects ahead, and never claim anything that is false, in an ad. I hope you use this information on the various ways to advertise your business for free.


By Pankaj Chobharkar
Image by Phil Date



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