How to Get Free Publicity by Using Media Calendars

In addition to the regular calendars that we all use, many media outlets, especially print ones, use two additional calendars.

The Calendar of Events
The first is a calendar of events. Usually, these run for a week at a time, sometimes just on weekends. If you have an event, send the calendar editor a short notice. As you write your item, try to match the format of the listings.

For example, some calendars start with the topic, followed by the date, location and cost. Others start with the topic, then the cost, date and location, etc. Although the difference seems small, noticing it can be important.

If you follow the exact style of a calendar, you make it easier on the person who has to not only pick and choose calendar items (from the many that are sent) but edit and format them. When they see an item that matches their format, they are more likely to use it because it means less work, which translates into finishing the job sooner so they can move on to the next task. Use human nature to your advantage.

*Expert Tip: Another secret to getting calendar listings is to keep your pitch short.

The Editorial Calendar

The other calendar is the editorial one. Most publications do an issue or a special section on various topics throughout the year, such as health, personal finance, automotive, and so on. Call the paper and ask for the editorial calendar. Sometimes somebody in the newsroom will send you one or you may be able to get one from the advertising department.

Once you have the calendar, check it to determine when they are going to do a focus on a topic that relates to what you do. Think of some aspect of your work that will interest and/or inform the publication's readers.
Send the publication a press release a few weeks ahead of time and follow up a couple weeks after you send it. It will increase your chances to get free publicity.


By Danek S. Kaus
Photography by Photomorgana

Danek S. Kaus is the author of "You Can Be Famous! Insider Secrets to Getting Free Publicity. Learn more publicity secrets at and find out how you can be interviewed on over 150 radio talk shows []



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