HGTV's Design Star Video Instructions

Home Video Instructions


1. Please show us your personality. This is the key to having a great tape. Have fun with it! Remember, you only have 5 minutes. Don’t make the tape any longer than that. We want to see your personality from the moment the tape starts rolling

2. Introduce yourself (name, age, hometown, etc.)

3. Talk about your design background (How long have you been a designer? How did you get started? What other fields have you worked in? What inspired you to become a designer? Schooling?)

4. Sum up your design style in one sentence and elaborate on what it means to you.

5. What do you love about designing? Why is it your passion?

6. Show off and talk about one of your favorite designs.

7. Tell us why you want to be on HGTV Design Star and why you think you can win.

8. Show us a part of your lives. Introduce us to your home, your family, something important in your life. We want some insight into your life!
9. If you are mailing in a tape, please only film on mini DV, DVD & MAKE SURE YOU CHECK TO BE SURE YOUR DVD PLAYS IN YOUR DVD PLAYER, sometimes even when it plays on the computer it won’t play in the DVD player.

Suggestions for shooting a quality video:

■DISTANCE: try not to be more than 10 feet from the camera, as the sound will be too faint.
■Do not chew gum or have candy in your mouth.
■Close the blinds, shades, etc. and turn on the lights. Make sure the room is well lit.
■Do not sit in front of a window or lamp, as this will create a silhouette.
■Turn off the TV, radio, air conditioning, ceiling fans or heating units.
■Be sure no photographs or other artwork is in the background of your shots.
■Do not wear clothing with any visible trademarks, logos or other copyrighted material that you don’t own and control.
■Have fun! Emotions – both happy and sad – make for a compelling tape.
■Have someone other than yourself run the camera. Make sure it’s someone with whom you feel very comfortable and who knows how to run a video.
How to submit your video:

Option 1: Upload your 5-minute video to and then e-mail with a completed participant application as a PDF document, along with two (2) photographs of yourself, clearly labeled with your name. Example: firstlast1, firstlast2, and three (3) examples of your work or a link to your website, clearly labeled if attached, and one (1) legible photocopy of EITHER (1) your passport; OR (2) your driver’s license; OR (3) your state ID card, clearly labeled.

Option 2: Mail in your 5-minute DVD or mini DV tape, a completed participant application, two (2) recent photographs of yourself, each clearly labeled on the back with your name clearly printed, three (3) samples of your design work (clearly visible copies of pages from your portfolio or a website) and one (1) legible photocopy of EITHER (1) your passport; OR (2) your driver’s license; OR (3) your state ID card to:

Scripps Networks, LLC
5757 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 220
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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