5 Elements of a Publicity Plan

1. Asses the situation, you need to take inventory of the resources available to your organization. Your resources include your publicity budget, your staff, and distribution channels. The second question you need to answer during the assessment phase is, what is your message and then you can accurately define why you need more coverage.

2. After you assess the situation set your budget and time line. Don't let your budget impact your goal. A small budget can create the opportunity to try innovative tactics. Depending on your organization you can create a publicity plan for a year or longer. If you are in a crisis situation you may want to create a shorter publicity plan like for 90 days.

3. Next determine who your target audience is. These are your stakeholders which include current donors, potential donors, volunteers and people who benefit from your services, staff and board of directors. It is important to find your distribution channels( the way stakeholders consume information). Knowing your target audience helps select which print/ online publications, radio and television stations to ask to broadcast your message.

4. Set the goal for your publicity plan and identify objectives, your objectives are: to increase awareness by using local and national media to better educate the local and global community about your organization's cause. To raise your profile to recruit board members and volunteers. To help promote fund-raising activities. These are the objectives for your publicity plan.

5. Determine your tactics. Tactics are the resources your organization will use to carry out your goals and objectives. You can use various distribution channels to achieve your goal such as: facebook, email, websites, blogs, online and print news publications, radio and television stations.

By Ly Syin Lobster
Photography by Adam Borkowski 



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