IDRA Branding QuickTip #1103: Don't Confuse the Customer

When it comes to branding your business there are lots of issues to consider but the level of quality you choose must be adhered to at all times. It would not be worthwhile to sell caviar when you are supposed to be the low price leader in the business. Your customers would become confused and end up wandering elsewhere for their groceries. If you are the high priced automobile leader, you would not want to sell a car that lands in the shop every month. 

 In your branding endeavors, keep it simple and straight forward. Send the same message day in and day out so that your customers can count on you being there for them. Decide what you are offering the customer and never vary from that decision. This alone will bring customers to your door with much less effort. And low effort advertising is a great thing in any business.                            

By Jeffrey L Brown

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