9 Ways Use Testimonials in Your Marketing

Nine Opportunities to Use Testimonials to Power Up Your Marketing

When it comes to marketing, testimonials are as important to your business as your client list. There is no substitute for authentic verification from a third party of what you offer. We all know people do business with people they know, like and trust and testimonials provide the perfect vehicle to deliver these essential ingredients in a truly authentic way.
Without testimonials you will have a tough time getting people to sign up for your services or to part with their money.
Treat testimonials like gold. Seek them, collect them and use them at every opportunity.
Here's the top nine opportunities to use testimonials.

1. Your Website

You can place the testimonial on a particular page dedicated to testimonials or use the left or right margin. Use pictures, audio or video for variety and impact.
2. In a Sales Letter.

Use testimonials throughout your sales letter; highlight them in boxes or filter them into body copy to demonstrate or emphasise important aspects or benefits.

3.  In Your Nnewsletter.

You could feature a testimonial to support your article or special promotion or simply have a little testimonial snippet. It might only be two sentences or an excerpt from a testimonial. Mix it up for variety.

4.  On the Front or Back of Products

This is extremely valuable space as it will support the sale as well as re-enforce the product after the sale because it will be in the clients hands and read many times.

5.  Weave Them into Blog Articles

This is a subtle way to maximize the use of testimonials that will gently resonate with the reader. Weave them into your articles and quote clients to support a particular benefit or point you want to make or as part of a story you are telling.

6.  On a Postcard or Direct Mail Piece

Whether a solo mailing or part of a campaign, testimonials bring that third party endorsement right into the letter box . Keep it short and relevant and capitalize on this tangible, personal communication.

7.  Email Promotion.

When you send out a promotional email for your preview call or sales page, you can use a testimonial one of two ways. Either use an outright quote or even better, as part of a before and after story to demonstrate your point.
8.  Flyers & Brochures

Whether mailing or handing out at networking opportunities a tangible item is a great place to feature testimonials.
9.  The Back of Your Business Card.

This is prime real-estate and will be read by everyone you hand your card to and most likely will be referred to more than once. Especially powerful place to use a celebrity endorsement.
In a nutshell, you want a testimonial on everything - on every product or service that you offer. Use them whenever and wherever possible and utilize every medium to maximize them to their full potential. You always need them and can never have too many.
By Kathleen Ann
Edited by The Interior Design Resource Agency
Photography by Benjamin Miller
Direct response marketing expert Kathleen Ann is the "Marketing Champion for Small Business and entrepreneurs". Delivering simple techniques and tools you can use to increase sales and profits. Sign up for her free audio workshop "7 Steps to Advertising Success" http://www.PowerUpYourMarketing.com.

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