How to Write a Press Release in a Few Simple Steps

It is tough to get your press release published. With loads of competitions out there you need to have an edge in order for you to get noticed. And being able to pass the ruthless journalist's judgment is another problem you need to solve to reach the public. A press release can be of big help to get attention and to make a success out of your events. If only you get your news published, that is. The question to ask is "How to write a press release that gets published?" This is the question that I am about to unleash and provide answers for.

This article will provide you steps on how to write a perfect release that gets published. These simple steps will show you EXACTLY how to get published and are one hundred percent assured to give you effective and favorable results. Just read through and learn how to write a press release that gets published.

Step #1: Make it brief, catchy yet concise.

You have to keep in mind that the key for your success to be published is an approval from the journalist which means that your press release is newsworthy enough to be read by the public. And these people happen to be, most of the times, busy, agitated and ruthless. A brief, catchy yet concise idea will surely get the attention and precious yes of the ruthless journalist scanning loads of press releases each day.

Step#2: Provide a juicy headline.

Your headline is the first thing that the ruthless journalist will read. That alone should be able catch his attention. It must still follow step 1 and be able to answer at least two or three of any of the WH questions.

Step#3: Use Active Voice.

Remember that it is the ruthless journalist who's reading your ideas first. With this premise at hand, you need to write like one. And active voice is something that a ruthless journalist uses in making his own articles.

Step #4: Be grammatically correct.

Poor grammar will disappoint and annoy the ruthless journalist. And if you got him pissed you won't see your ideas on papers that is. We don't want this to happen so it is better to make sure that you have proofread your release a gazillion times before sending it over the battle field. One of the things you can do to win over the ruthless journalist is to edit ruthlessly.

Step #5: Provide your contact details.

Doing the first four steps will surely impress the ruthless journalist. And being able to win your battle on getting your press release published, he will surely get back to you for confirmation. We don't want him to guess to whom he should concede. A ruthless journalist doesn't have time to guess about things like negligence anyway.

Now that you have these easy steps on how to write these ideas that gets published, better start working on one.

By Paul Hartunian
Photography by Stefan Hermans

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