Collecting Client Testimonials: The Before & After Template

Collecting Client Testimonials Using the Before/After Template

Getting feedback is so crucial to your long-term business success as you need to know that you are providing the information/services that your clients and customers want, when they want it, and in the way that they want it.

There are several different ways and different types of testimonials that you'll be wanting to get:
-  Feedback from your one-on-one clients about working with you
-  Testimonials from your one-on-one clients for you to add to your website
-  Testimonials from your customers (those people who buy your products) for you to add to your sales pages

-  Testimonials from your newsletter subscribers for you to add to your sign-up page

-  ....and then there is the market research that you constantly need to be doing so that you know you are providing exactly what it is your clients and customers wants.

For this article let's take a look at how to get testimonials from your one-on-one clients to add to your website.

Testimonials (or Rave Reviews/Success Stories/Raving Fans... whatever you want to call them) from your clients are one of the things a visitor to your site will look for. They want to know that you are the person who can solve their problems, and a way for them to know this is by reading what you've already done for other people. It makes them feel comfortable that they're making the right decision by working with you and handing over their money to you. In other words, you're making it easy for them to make their decision.

However, in order for your testimonials to be effective they have to be results-based - what was it you did for your clients? What benefits did they receive in working with you?

You want your testimonials to sell for you!

The best way of achieving this is to use the before and after template. You want your clients to tell you about the problems they were experiencing before they started working with you, and what happened after they started working with you. Then add these testimonials to your website!

The best way of getting this information from your clients is to create a template to send to them once you've finished your work together. Build it into your Client & Contact Management System so that it is sent automatically. If your client is a longer-term client, once they've been working with you for a period of three to four months, send it to them then asking them to document their results so far.

Gathering client testimonials is a crucial part of your business success... make sure you have a system in place to support this.

By Tracey Lawton
Image by Kristina Afanasyeva

Online Business Development Strategist, Tracey Lawton, teaches online solo service professionals how to create the essential online marketing and office organization systems needed so that they can create a more streamlined, systemized, and automated online business. Check out for how-to articles, resources, tips, and tools, and sign up for your "Office Organization Success Toolkit".


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