3 Simple Steps to Get Clients and Generate CashFlow Fast

One of the issues that I am hearing about over and over again is that people are struggling to get clients. Even people who have been in business for a while! They love and are passionate about what they do, but they can't seem to get the right people interested. The result is that they are not generating enough income with their business to sustain themselves, their family or their lifestyle. Late at night, the worries about the bills, upcoming expenses and wondering how to make it all work are keeping them awake. Then, when they are finally able to fall asleep, they are plagued with sweat-soaked nightmares about all of the above. With each passing day, the feeling of desperation to get clients - any clients - so that they can generate in-come gets stronger. While there are many advantages to being an entrepreneur, client attraction struggle is not one of them.
The good news is that this is an easily fixable problem! Once you know what you need to do, you can implement the steps to acquire, and keep, a steady flow of clients. Are you interested? Great, let's get started!

1 - Get really clear on your niche. It needs to address not only who you work with, but what problem they are struggling with and the solution that they are looking for. (Hint - YOU are the provider of that solution.) The problem must be so troublesome on a daily basis that they know they can no longer live with it and are willing to pay to have it solved. But simply having a niche is not enough. You need to be so clear and concise with your description of your niche that anyone who hears it knows that either they need to work with you, or they know who they can refer to you. Leave no guesswork for potential clients or referral sources.

2 - Create a clear path to results. When you reflect on past clients, consider all the tangible results they achieved when they worked with you. Go deep and take your time with this. As you consider those results, notice the pattern that starts to emerge. When resolving their problem, what are the steps that you take a client through to get those results? When you put those steps together properly, you can craft your "Signature System". Clients are intrigued and feel more assured that you know how to solve their problem - after all, you have a system!

3 - Craft your compelling marketing message. Use the language your niche would use and be sure to address what concerns them. Let them know you understand what their problems are and how to get rid of them once and for all. Use your marketing as an opportunity to educate your niche. It showcases your knowledge to position you as an expert and allows your clients to imagine how much more they will get when they actually work with you.

Now get out there and talk to the people in your niche. Hang out where they go, be curious about them and really listen to what they want and need. Invite people who fit your criteria in for a discovery session, at no charge, and make them an offer if you have something that will truly benefit them. Or, refer them to someone that may be able to help. You might not get a sale, but that person will remember what you did for them. Be in service and come from a kind, loving place. People know when they are being genuinely helped and when they are simply being sold to.

By Lisa Fraser
Phototgraphy by Timur Suleymanov
Lisa Fraser is a Marketing and Money Mindset Business Coach and the founder of Lisa J Fraser Business Coaching - "Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling on Your Consulting or Coaching Business Income". Lisa specializes in helping coaches and consultants who are struggling to get their message seen and heard so they can attract ideal clients and generate a great income with their business.



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