The 7 Cs of Marketing

Marketing - The 7 Cs of Marketing

1. Cost - The first step in marketing is to discern how to best price the goods or services to be marketed. There are a myriad of factors to consider when designing a pricing structure for any industry. Find out what all of your major competitors are charging, and determine how your company can make a profit while offering the service or product at a better price/rate than the major competitors.

2. Creativity - It is common for marketers-even many seasoned ones-to create marketing plans based on "proven" models that have worked when previously used by others, rather than utilizing creative energy. Differentiate your product/service from the competition. While sticking to the fundamentals is important, creativity allows you to brand your company in innovative ways. Find a new way to sell an old concept. This will create distance between your company and the competition.

3. Captivate - The attention span of consumers today is short, and appears to be getting shorter-with the increase of cyberspace shopping. You have an approximately 3-5 second time window to catch the attention of the reader/viewer of your promotional campaign. You must captivate your audience immediately with your campaign. Your marketing materials must stand out in a fashion that cannot be ignored or overlooked.

4. Connect - You must try to build an immediate rapport with your potential patrons. Make an instant connection with your clientele base by using the pain/pleasure scale. In most cases consumers are purchasing a product/service because they are running towards something that will give them pleasure, or they are purchasing something that will ease pain or correct a situation that is not in order. Once you establish which side of the scale your product/service offering fits on, you will be able to determine how to best connect with your target demographic.

5. Clarify - Clarity is necessary when marketing any product/service. You must always be cognizant of any laws relating to your brand or consult with your attorney before promoting a product in an industry monitored by professional licensing. Typically, if you are in an industry that would require "fine print" you will surely want to cover your legal bases before structuring your company's marketing plan.

6. Convince - If you are going to persuade the customer to purchase from your company, you will have to be convincing. You have to appeal to the prospects better judgment and common sense. People are always looking for honest people with clean and proven track records. Let your credibility shine by pointing out years of experience, or accolades that your company or management team has within the portfolio.

7. Close - Closing the deal is the most important part of any promotion. After you have presented the offer, and covered all of your bases, it is necessary to finalize the sale. You have to seal the commitment with a proper call to action. Let your prospect know how to make an immediate purchase, and urge them to take immediate action to do so. Include all necessary contact/location information in the promotional materials.

By Dr R A Benson
Photography by Kurhan



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