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Large conglomerates have large advertising budgets allowing forays into all sorts of marketing avenues. Small businesses do not always have such luxuries. They must make every advertising dollar count. There are some universal rules, which apply to all small businesses attempting to maximize their advertising return on investment (ROI).

You Will Do Just Fine by Using One Line

The most successful campaigns have involved a catchphrase, which can efficiently convey your message in under 5 seconds. Verbosity and advertising do not mix. Repetition of the same catchphrase is required to essentially elicit a Pavlovian response. Studies have shown the average person needs at least ten exposures to a message in order for it to be retained. If you vary your message, you will never achieve the requisite impressions needed for success.

If You Want a Marketing Coup, It Better Sound True

Many consumers have become very cynical when it comes to advertising. Claims that appear too good to be true are often dismissed in the mind of the listener. You must ensure the claims you make sound realistic and believable. Backing them up with objective and independent evidence is the best option to ensure the claims proffered in your advertisements retain credulity.

You Will Know Best After a Test

Never dive head first into any given advertising strategy. Test several different methodologies and compare results. You are then in a far better position to allocate the bulk of your advertising budget, knowing where you are best ROI can be had. There is no reason to risk the bulk of your advertising dollars on an unknown outcome. Color printing has become quite economical allowing for multiple direct marketing tests.

Sales Will Not Get a Pop If They Can't Find Your Shop

All advertising must obviously include clear location or contact information. If it is not prominently displayed you might leave a prospect being intrigued with your product but having no idea where to find you. Today, it is required to display your web site address clearly. However, also still important are telephone numbers, address and other requisite basic information.

You Will Be Set Up For a Fall If You Try to Market to All

Small businesses should identify, define and sell to a niche market. This enables crafting your product or service to fit the needs of a small audience with specific needs. Advertising then becomes a lot easier knowing who you need to reach and what you need to say to them. Trying to be everything to everybody is not a winning formula. Drill down and focus on an undeserved smaller subset of your overall industry. Returns on advertising expenditures for small businesses are far more substantial for niche marketers.

These simple rules if followed will greatly enhance your advertising effectiveness. A small business needs to make every dollar count. Do not waste even one.

By Kaye Marks
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Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of developments in color printing industry and how these improvements can benefit small to medium-scale business.


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