Bang for Your Buck: The Business Card Brochure

Using Your Color Business Cards for Advertising

Color business cards are not just for developing your business contacts. In this day in age, you can actually print them for the sole purpose of advertising. Yes, this marketing material can in fact be tasked to do a little advertising for you. It is all about changing a few properties of this marketing tool, and using some additional elements to accurately create and deploy this kind of advertising material.

If you want to know how to use your color business cards for advertising, here are the tips on how to do it.

1. Print Business Cards with Marketing Messages 

The first step is to print business cards with marketing messages. You may think that there is absolutely no space for marketing messages but in fact, you can use the back of the material for extra messages.  If you are a little bit creative, you can also try folded business cards to gain additional precious advertising space. Whatever the case, be sure to add the proper advertising design on your business card that will encourage its reader to buy your products or avail of your services.

Folded Business Card Sample

2. Give Cards Out to Everyone That You Can

With your marketing tool ready, you must know how to distribute them properly. Have extra business cards handy at all times. If you see a colleague, family member or friend, do not hesitate to always hand them out with your advertising material. This spreads your advertising message within your social network, giving you a word of mouth advantage. Keep giving your business card until thay are all spent. The more people that carry your business card,  the bigger advertising opportunities you can get.

3. Leave Cards at Different Places

Besides actively giving business cards away, you can also try leaving them at select places. For example, you can leave them at certain public lobbies, or you can also include them with your public brochures and catalogs. By using this non-traditional method of giving away business cards, they basically act as small fliers, which are a perfect supplement to your marketing campaign.

4. Include Cards with Products and Other Items

Finally, you can also try including your them in the products, gift packages and other items you give to clients. By doing this, you can really boost your exposure to your current contacts ensuring that your advertising can reach your client  base and keep them interested in what you offer.

These are the things you can do to use your business card for advertising. If done well, they can be the perfect supplement in attracting people to read and understand your services.

By Kaye Marks


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