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Strike Gold with Effective Prospecting

The key to finding new clients is effective prospecting. There are numerous ways to go about prospecting. Some of them are active methods, while others are passive. Active prospecting methods are things like Personal Observation, Public Speaking, Agent and Client Referrals, Networking, and Centers of Influence, while passive methods include using the internet, newspaper advertising and direct mail campaigns. Both passive and active prospecting will produce results, however they differ in efficiency and effectiveness – and understanding those differences will make all the difference to you and your results.

Passive methods are easy to implement, but are actually pretty inefficient. They attract "tire kickers",  price shoppers.... Please understand, these methods do produce results and can uncover fantastic people who become great  clients, but generally the quality of results is poor. When these methods are implemented, plenty of activity is generated, but few prospects become clients. The passive methods appear to be very efficient, but they produce so much worthless activity that they become extremely inefficient.

Active methods, on the other hand, take more time on the front end, but because they are so much more effective end up being much more efficient. They are so much more effective because interviews/meetings are only generated with people who have an interest in working with you, and share your purpose and passion. Clients decide to work with you because they see who you are, and identify and respect you and what you believe in. Not only are active methods more effective, but clients created this way are more loyal.

Why Active Prospecting Is More Effective

• People do business with people they like. The only way for others to get to know you is by getting out and meeting people. When you do your prospecting passively, they don’t get to know you at all. They are simply responding to something they read.

• People are attracted to someone who stands for something and has a purpose. When you spend time clarifying what sets you apart from everyone else and spend time clarifying your purpose, and then communicate them effectively, you will attract like-minded clients who identify with you and become loyal to you.

• The best way to keep clients is to build a relationship with them. Without a relationship, they simply become price-shopping customers. With a relationship, they become clients who will stay with you and become clients who refer others to you. It perpetuates success.

Active prospecting allows you to attract the kind of people you want, allows you to meet with only those who are likely to succeed and stay with you, and allows you to build a solid book of loyal clients.

Break out of the internet and advertising routine. Start powering up your prospecting and boosting your success!

By Michael Beck
Photography by Andrejs Pidjass

Written by Michael Beck, "The Insurance & Advisor Coach". Michael, an Executive Coach and Recruiting Activist, helps insurance and financial professionals succeed faster and easier. He can be reached at 866-385-8751 , mbeck@theinsurancecoach.com or mbeck@theadvisorcoach.com Visit www.TheInsuranceCoach.com, www.TheAdvisorCoach.com, www.InsuranceAgentRecruiting.com or www.ClientProspecting.com to learn more. © 2006 Exceptional Leadership, Inc.



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