Top Ten Ways to Be a Success!

Are you ever frustrated or overwhelmed because you don't know what you want out of life or because you do know but feel like you can't achieve it? This article gives you the top ten techniques to achieve success.
What’s Holding You Back?

Are you ever frustrated or overwhelmed because you don't know what you want out of life or because you do know but feel like you can't achieve it? If you could accomplish anything you wanted in life, what would it be? What defines your Vision of Success? What can YOU do to achieve this Vision for your life? Are you doing these things? (If not, why not?)

Successful women and men who have attained great heights doing their life’s work have used the ten techniques below.

Step 1- Find and Clarify Your Vision of Success:

If you don’t yet know what you want to achieve that’s okay. There are ways to find out. Ask yourself what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, and what you would be doing if money were no object. Write out an ideal scenario of you having and doing what you dream of.

Step 2- Define your Goals Clearly:

From your ideal scenario of your Vision of Success identify concrete goals. Define them clearly and write them down. Writing your goals down is very important and gives them more power than just thinking or imagining your success.

Step 3- Visualize Yourself Achieving Your Goals:

Before setting off on the path to success you must first be able to see yourself achieving your success. You must believe that you can do it. Your imagination is a powerful creative tool. Once we can vividly imagine something, it often opens the door to manifesting it (Gawain, 1997).

Step 4- Uncover Psychological Blocks to Success:

If you have difficulty with steps one and two you may have internal obstacles preventing you from having or keeping what you want. On some level you may feel undeserving of success and happiness and this may be reflected in a lack of achievement. To uncover these obstacles ask yourself how you truly feel about having what you desire. Is there any guilt attached to this? One way to uncover any blocks here is to write down why you deserve to be successful. This can reveal any feelings to the contrary. Examine where your attitudes about success came from. Write out all you fears and fantasies associated with being successful.

Step 5- Remove Psychological Blocks to Success:

Often just the awareness of negative attitudes and beliefs about success begins the process of letting them go. You can't force change, but there are different tools and techniques that may be helpful. Some of these include: positive affirmations, therapy, success coaching, support groups such as Visions Anonymous, and rituals to rid yourself of the negative beliefs e.g. write them down then burn/tear them up.

Step 6- Make a Clear Plan With a Timeline:

Consider creating a plan that breaks your goals down into 5-year goals, 1-year goals, 6-months, 3-months and 1-month achievements. After completing this plan you can do weekly goals that will put you on schedule for all of the other goal milestones. Be realistic here so you don’t get discouraged.

Step 7- Chart your Progress:

It is important to assess your progress at regular intervals. Pick a day once a week or once a month, read your plan and see if you are on schedule. Reward yourself for achieving milestones. If you need to adjust your plan be realistic and do so. Also, be honest with yourself. Visions and goals can change. If you find that you no longer really want this Vision do not be afraid to change your plan.

Step 8- Enjoy Your Success!

Once you have achieved your goals and your Vision of Success it is very important to acknowledge this. Reward yourself, give yourself credit and allow yourself to feel the attendant good feelings. Don’t just rush off to your next goal as if you take your success for granted.
Step 9- Cultivate Gratitude:

Having gratitude is important once you achieve your visions. Literally "count your blessings", give thanks, allow yourself to enjoy them, and relish the experience of the success you already have. This increases success by attracting more of what you currently possess. One simple way to do this is to write a gratitude list (listing everything that you feel grateful for).

Step 10- Give it Away:

Out-flowing (giving away our material gifts and talents) makes room for more to flow to us. When out of feelings of fear or insecurity, we cling to what we have, we cut this flow off. You must not only express gratitude for achieving success, you must share this success with others. Share your resources, time and talents. You are also giving it away when you tell your story to others so that they might be encouraged.

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By Dr. Nicole Cutts
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Dr. Cutts holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Multicultural Community Emphasis. She is CEO of Cutts Consulting, LLC as well as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist Washington, DC. Dr. Cutts is a member of the District of Columbia Bar Lawyer Counseling Committee.  She's a published author and Success Coach specializing in organizational and personal development and well-being. Through her experience as a clinical psychologist and coach she has helped many people and organizations achieve what she calls their Vision of Success. Her psychological and sociological writings have been published in several scientific and literary journals. Her writings on Success, Corporate Wellness, and Diversity have appeared on several Chamber of Commerce and other websites. As a success coach she has been interviewed on national television (BET) and radio programs, the BBC being among this group. She has coached and lectured executives, managers, and teams at such organizations as The US Department of Labor, Verizon, BET, Pepco and NASA. Also a professional artist, Dr. Cutts' writing and artwork have been published in national magazines.

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