30 Seconds to Wow-ing Potential Clients

You Only Get 30 Seconds - Is Your Incredible Factor Ready?

A recent study showed that you only get 4.2 seconds to illustrate your competence in a networking situation. If you are on Twitter for business, you only get 140 characters. The person with whom you desire to network will look you over and based on your appearance or the appearance of your website, blog, social media profile, etc, they will determine if they are interested in learning more or walk away. In fact, studies show that your influencing power during that first exchange is viewed like this:

55% is based on your appearance (live or virtual)
- what you are wearing, how it looks, your hair, nails, shoes, etc or the appearance of your website, colors, copy content, etc.

38% is based on the tone of your voice and your non-verbal behavior - are you hunched over, arms crossed, frowning, etc or video on your home page, etc, and 7% is based on the actual words that proceed out of your mouth.

Although the 7% may seem like it is slim to none, it is extremely important that you tame the tongue and develop a positive message to share with the people with whom you will interact. Your business success depends on it.


So, how exactly will you spend your thirty seconds? I've got a suggestion that will help you to ensure that the time that you speak about the Incredible Factor in your business is time that leads to results and people wanting to know more about how they can spend time in your space.

1. "I work with..." (insert your well developed client profile). Your client profile should be in a well defined niche so that people can immediately determine if they or someone they know falls into the group of people with whom you work and solve the problems of.

2. "Who struggle with..." (here, insert the problem that they are at the point of paying for a solution to) It's important to get crystal clear on the problem that your Incredible Factor solves in the marketplace. Without it, no one is going to take action and desire to work with you.

3. "And want to..." (here, put the results that you help your ideal clients achieve over and over again. These results should be illustrated via testimonials on your website or verbal examples if asked.)

4. "I'm different from other ______ because I..." (list your direct competitors here based on your industry and explain your HUG (Hot Undeniable Gift) also known as your USP - Unique Selling Proposition)

5. "In working with me, my clients receive..." (here list one of the 4 key motivators that your Incredible Factor offers your clients - make more money, save more money, save time, reduce effort)

6. "Is there any reason why you wouldn't like to learn more?" Close the introduction with a question to determine if they or someone they know needs your Incredible Factor to solve a problem for them right now. Then, ask them what they do - It's not all about you! And listen so that you can honestly assess if you need their services or know someone who does.

If you are dressed appropriately, accessorized accordingly, are smiling and exuding positive energy as you work the room, not the refreshment table, and when asked that magic question, "So, _____, what do you do?" you respond as I've indicated above, you will begin to attract more of your ideal clients and be offered an opportunity to learn more about them while you show them how you can solve the problem that they are ready, willing and able to pay for a solution to right now.

It's incredible isn't it?

By Darnyelle A. Jervey
Photography by Phil Date

©2012 by Darnyelle A. Jervey. All Rights Reserved. Darnyelle A. Jervey, The Incredible Factor Business Mentor and Coach, is the founder of http://www.IncredibleOneEnterprises.com and the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System


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