IDRA Appoints Lloyd Princeton as IDRA Expert

On May 1st, 2013 The IDRA Governeror of Appointments and Elections announced the appointment of Lloyd Princeton to its estimable body of experts.

Mr. Princeton is a noted author, speaker, columnist and design business consultant with over a decade of experience in the business of interior design. He has made it his professional focus to invest in the growth of designers and manufacturers in the interior design industry.  

When Lloyd approached IDRA Managing Director, V. Carr with his impressive body of work and experience, she considered it a no-brainer.  "I had no doubt that the board would approve Lloyd as an expert." Mrs. Carr was quoted as saying.  "He met and exceeded every requirement we have for such appointments.  He provides the type of insight that designers in this industry so desperately need. He's truly an expert in his field and definitely a voice that we can support." 

Lloyd authored the book Marketing Interior Design, a guide to marketing interior design services, now in it's second edition. He is also the Managing Director for Design Management Company, and Managing Member of iMatch Designers, LLC

Welcome, IDRA Expert Lloyd Princeton.

Lloyd Princeton IDRA Expert 2013 © The Interior Design Resource Agency

The Interior Design Resource Agency
Image Courtesy of Lloyd Princeton
Image  © The Interior Design Resource Agency


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