5 Tips for Choosing Your Interior Design Perfect Niche

Choosing a niche is more than just focusing your marketing efforts on one group of people, often referred to as "your target market".  The task can bring up all sorts of fears and resistance that can result in overwhelm and non action.

You may have thoughts like what if I pick the wrong niche? If I pick one, I have to leave some people out. Or I'll miss out on other opportunities if I focus on just one.

If you are considering whether  [or how] to choose a niche and you're having any of these negative thoughts, you are going to love these five tips to help you choose your perfect niche.

1. Get clear on your ideal client

One of the first things to get clear about is who you want to work with. After all you are creating a business to provide you with much more than money.

What does your ideal client look like? Who will bring you most joy to serve? What will they get to be, do or have in exchange for their money?

Write a story about your ideal client and set an intention to attract them to you. And relax, it's OK to leave some people out. If they're not a match then you'll both struggle to make the most of your relationship and that won't serve either of you. On the other hand if you find your perfect match then marketing difficulties will be a thing of the past.


2. Get specific

Once you're clear about who you want to work with, get specific about what products and services to narrow or niche your offering.
This could involve choosing between age groups like children or baby boomers. Perhaps you're interested in catering to corporate executives or working moms, pregnant women or athletes. The choice is yours. Just make sure it fits your ideal client picture.

You might end up with a niche to assist female corporate executives wanting to stay fit and healthy under stress. Just as easily, you could choose pregnant women and focus on designing nurseries. The choice is yours.


3. Find a market needing a solution

Whatever niche you choose it must pass these critical marketing tests. Does your niche group have an identifiable problem and are they looking for a solution? And more importantly, are they prepared to pay for it? This may seem obvious but it is amazing how many business owners fail to understand and apply these basic principles.


4. Provide a solution to meet your market's need

Another critical factor is to make sure your solution is a match! It's pretty simple really. You've already identified your niche group has a problem that they are aware of and seeking a solution to, with payment in hand. Provide that solution and you get the client. If you get this right then you will have a profitable niche with no end to the demand for your products or services.


5. Make sure your chosen market is reachable

I've saved the most important tip until last. Unless you can reach your chosen market in a cost effective way you don't really have a niche- not a viable one, anyway.You must make ensure you have a means to identify and communicate with them to deliver your marketing message. They must have a place where they gather in person, in a medium such as print or on a list or forum of some description. Whether that's a club or association, professional body or social group, you will want to be able to reach them where they congregate or hang out.

Whether you do this in person, via direct mail or an advertisement the more places you can reach your audience the better and easier your marketing will be.

So to niche or not to niche? That is a question that you can now address with confidence based on proven marketing principles that take out the guess work. Once you find your perfect niche you'll have a lot more fun marketing and a whole lot more success.

By Kathleen Ann
Photography by Photo Rack
Direct response marketing expert Kathleen Ann is the "Marketing Champion for Small Business and entrepreneurs". Delivering simple techniques and tools you can use to increase sales and profits. Sign up for her free audio workshop "7 Steps to Advertising Success"  http://www.PowerUpYourMarketing.com.



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