Four Fast-Action Methods to Get Your Income Flowing

4 Fast-Action Methods to Get Your Income Flowing
Sometimes you get to the point where you have started putting things in place, but you still need more clients. If money is tight and you feel panicked, I know how hard that can be. I've been there too. Let me share what I did to pull myself out of the panic and get my income flowing in a positive direction.
Money is Energy

First, let me give you a little theoretical background. Money is energy and is all around us. If you understand what money is, it's just a manifestation. At the molecular level, everything in life- including your desk, your watch, and money-is all simple energy. Actually, money is one of the easiest things to manifest in your life because there are so many ways it can show up. Here are four ways to get more money flowing:
1. Say "yes to opportunities. Most people who don't have money, don't ask for it. Often people expect the universe to deliver money in the form of a check into your mailbox. The universe always delivers, but it doesn't happen that way, at least not for me. But money does show up in the form of opportunity. For you it could be an opportunity to sign on a new client, for a speaking gig, or for a consulting job.
Don't keep yourself from attracting money by not saying "Yes." when these opportunities show up. Beliefs, excuses and fears get in the way and keep people from receiving. So start saying "Yes".
2. Positive expectations. Come from a place of positive expectation and faith. So when you ask, the universe delivers - it is always given. Start to simply expect it.

3. Help your mind seek a solution. When people say, "Oh I can't afford that", I ask them to flip it around to ask instead, "How can I afford that?" The first is a statement that prevents you from even looking for opportunities. In contrast, the second sentence is a question directing your mind to look for a solution. This question leaves the door open. See the difference?

4. Fifty ways to make money now. Ask yourself, "How can I bring money into my life now?" That helps your mind keep going until it finds a solution. Take out a sheet of paper and make a list of fifty ways you can make additional money right now. It could be simple stuff.
The chance to make money is all around you. Do whatever it takes as long as you stay in integrity.
Your Client Attraction Assignment

How will you help your mind stay open to money-making opportunities? Where can you put your ego aside and do whatever it takes to make the money you need right now?

By Fabienne Fredrickson
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