Client Relationship Investing for Big Design Business Returns

Interior Design Business Secrets:
Relationship Investing For Real Business Returns

One of the essential keys to weathering the storms and vagaries of an unpredictable economy is to develop lasting relationships with your clients and consumers. It doesn't matter if you are selling services or product, at the high end or the low end, what matters is that you have taken the time to develop long term relationships that foster repeat business and regular referrals to grow no matter what the media is spouting about recession and more. Create your own economy!

The simplest and quickest way to invest in relationships, can be spelled out in 6 easy steps. (Yes, I know the rules of marketing state I need an odd number, but the word INVEST is 6 letters!)

Inform to empower!

Knowledge is power, when you provide complete and concise knowledge you put your clients at ease and empower them to trust you as the best professional choice for the service or product they need.

o Don't take your client for granted.

o Do keep your client informed at all times of progress and any delays or necessary changes.

Value their time!

When you value your time and that of your client, they will honor. Don't run late, don't miss appointments, don't delay. Success is in the now, not in the next time.

o Honor your client's time so they will honor yours.

o Establish and maintain control of the project.

o Know your time's worth and be fairly compensated.

Earn more with better cookies!

While you can certainly sell the basic model and the necessary service, that is like the sugar cookie. Go for the upgrade to the chocolate chip, but don't stop there, give them the model or service that boasts walnuts, loaded with coconut, topped off with toffee bits. Be the best cookie baker and you'll create delicious results every time.

o Don't nickel and dime your clients.

o Do provide a comprehensive product offering that includes upgrades.

Share respect!

Know the external and internal influences for buying behavior. You can't change these, but you can impact them.

o Don't tell your clients how they are going to buy.

o Do listen to their buying signals so you are ready to sell what they are looking for.

Think Big!

Language is everything in sales, simply moving from budget to investment, from if to when, from should to will, and from possible to guaranteed will rocket you to the top.

o Change your language to change your success.

o Eliminate limiting words like could, would, should, might maybe.

o You either will or won't, do or don't, simplify to succeed.

Investing in relationships both in business and in your personal life will reap the greatest rewards of any possible effort you can make. Follow the guidelines here and watch as you catapult your connections into success professionally and outside of the workplace.

By Melissa Galt
Photography by Andres Rodriguez

Melissa Galt is the Lifestyle Diva and her interior designs can be found online at and on Facebook and Twitter by name. Get in touch, why wait another day to get the top design you've been missing?



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