4 Steps to the Perfect Elevator Speech

Elevator Speech Template Examples - Basic 30 Second Introduction Scripts

An elevator speech remains one of the most important networking and marketing tools you have at your very disposal. Of course every business is different and it is all very well talking to people at networking events and so on, but how do you make sure you grab their attention? Is there a template that can be followed that allows you to come up with a 30 second introduction for YOUR business?

Actually there is a format that has proven success and can be applied to pretty much any business that aspires to have clients! Hopefully that is every business that wants to stay solvent!

There are some pre-requisites to achieving success with this approach and the main one is developing a clear idea of your ideal client and the issues with which they are struggling. Closely related is how you help them - what does your company do that solves the chosen challenges of your ideal client base.

Armed with that information, the more detail you have the better, here is the template to follow for any business:

Part 1: Who You are

Hi, My name is... from (company name)

That is all you need. Obviously if you are in a conversation already and someone asks you what you do you don't need to reintroduce yourself! You can also vary this along the lines of: "I'm Jerry and my company is..."

Most importantly, resist the temptation to expand this into a long explanation of where your office is located, when the business was founded, how many employees you have and so on. Shorter is better

Part 2: Who you help

We help (this target audience)...

Again, as short and targeted as possible. Avoid the temptation here to think everyone is your IDEAL client. Messages such as: "We work with anyone who owns a car" is too broad. There is leeway here to change the words as well of course. Pick a variation with which you are comfortable - we work with, we help, I am focused on etc.

Part 3: What problem do you address

Who have (this problem, issue or challenge)

You don't need to elaborate for minutes on end. Define the main problem you solve - not the solution at this stage.

Part 4: What they get

So they get (this particular solution)
The best way to couch these parts is using language that speaks to the emotions of your ideal client - frustration, anger, annoyance, fear, worry and so on.

For example:

Hi, I'm Jerry from Acme Insurance. We help home owners in Leawood who are worried they don't have adequate coverage or even that they are over-covered. With us they get over the frustration of not knowing and get the peace of mind they want by knowing they are insured appropriately.

By Jerry N Smith
Photography by James Wimmel

Jerry Smith is the co-founder of Marketing Action Club, focusing on small service based businesses and independent professionals who want to grow but struggle to attract quality clients consistently. Visit http://www.30SecondElevatorSpeech.com for a step by step, online program to lead you through producing an effective, attention grabbing introduction for you and your business