Marketing Basics: Building Blocks for Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing Basics: A, E, I O, U and Always Y

A is for Action: You must take action. Your output must be equal to your input. In other words, if you love attending seminars and workshops but taking action is not your thing, get yourself in a coaching club, hire a coach, find a mastermind group or accountability group or somehow find the support you need that will help you to take action. We learn mostly from doing. And we certainly make progress by doing. It's time to get up and take action and start seeing some results!

E is for Education: Being educated in your field is very important. Being educated in marketing is equally as important. You can find great marketing education through free resources like business and marketing books from your library, subscribing to great ezines, or attending free teleseminars or webinars. Low cost options include attending workshops, teleseminars or summits. You can also be educated through private or group coaching programs. The point is to always be learning because once you stop learning, you stop growing.

I is for Information: Having access to the best information you can find on marketing a solo business will allow you to make informed strategic decisions from a place of knowledge, not fear. It will allow you to be focused on the big picture and be less swayed to chase the latest and greatest tactic with a half-hearted effort.

O is for Outline: Having an outline (a plan) of where you are going in your business is critical. As Dr. Phil says, "You've got to name it to claim it." Having an outline will help guide you in your decision making and keep you focused as opportunities present themselves. If you do not have an outline, you are much more likely to take on activities, projects and clients that do not move you closer to your desires.

U is for Unique: To stand out in a crowd, you simply have to be unique. You need to "be the blue tree," as my friend and colleague Barbara Wayman of Blue Tree Media says. Being different than others in your field will draw the kind of attention you want so you can attract your ideal clients, customers, joint venture partners and affiliates.

Y is for You: As a solopreneur, you are your brand. Everything from the way you wear your hair to your elevator speech, your logo and how you communicate with your clients defines your brand. Years ago I recall hearing supermodel Cindy Crawford say, "I'm not a supermodel. I'm the CEO of the Cindy Crawford brand." That was an ah-ha moment for me. You, too, are CEO of brand you. Embrace all that is you and share it with the world!

Applying these basics to your business will help you build a strong foundation from which you can grow both professionally and personally.

By Meredith Liepelt
© 2011 Meredith Liepelt, Rich Life Marketing
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© 2011 Meredith Liepelt, Rich Life Marketing Meredith Liepelt, President of Rich Life Marketing, offers a free report called "101 Ways to Attract Ideal Clients, Build Your List and Raise Your Profile," which can be downloaded immediately at


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