How to Create a New Client VIP Welcome Kit

How to Create a New Client Welcome Kit

Marketing is simply the act of telling people over and over what it is that you do. Your new client is one of your VIPs and as such, you need to continue serving them. Showcasing videos works for my chiropractor. There is one simple act that is often overlooked, but helps you to retain more clients and starts you off on great footing with your new client. It's creating a new client welcome kit.

A new client welcome kit re-introduces your business to your new client, makes them once again feel that they made the right decision by working with you and informs them of all of your services. A package of information like this is often overlooked, but helps you create the experience you want for each of your clients. It goes a long way toward establishing credibility and your brand.

Elements of Your New Client Welcome Kit

There is no "one-size fits all" for your welcome kit, as every business has different objectives and budgets. However, there are some common features to new client welcome kits, so use this checklist as a jumping off point.

•A letter of introduction, written on your company letterhead

•A welcome CD, DVD or a link to a welcome video

•Several business cards - One for your client, a few for their staff and/or to pass out to others

•A brochure, flyer or leave-behind piece

•Basic business forms including your contract, confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure

•1-3 of your most popular articles

•Copies of articles that have been written about your business

•Testimonials, case studies

•Press releases

•Promotional items with your logo such as pens, sticky notes, calendars, magnets

•A client questionnaire or "quick start" form if you'd like to gain additional information about your client prior to starting.

Introduction Letter Tips

Start by expressing appreciation for their business. Congratulate them on taking steps toward what they need and want. Provide a brief overview of your business and services and an outline of what is included in their welcome kit. This helps solidify to them that they made the right choice by hiring you. If they had any buyer's remorse after signing up with you, this will help calm that emotion.

From there, consider highlighting anything in the kit you'd like them to pay special attention to. For example, you may want them to understand your office hours, holiday closures, how to handle appointment rescheduling, common turn-around times, who to contact on your team for certain things, best times to reach you, VIP/client-only ways to contact you and so forth.

If you have a referral program, consider including information about it, as clients will likely want to refer others to you. And if there is an incentive for them to do so, all the better.

Other Items of Interest

Take note of what clients ask you during their first few interactions with you. If you notice a trend in certain questions or certain issues that keep creeping up, take note and proactively address them in your welcome kit.

One of the purposes of your new client welcome kit is to reassure your client that they made a great decision by working with you. Taking time to pay attention to these client experience details helps to build your brand and your reputation, and it gives people even more of a reason to talk about you to their contacts. In other words, even though you have just converted a potential client into a client, it still helps to increase your visibility and credibility. Taking the time to create a new client welcome kit is well worth your time and energy.


By Meredith Liepelt
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